[Yellow Tail] Debut at the CWSA

yellow-tail-debut-at-cwsaMore China Wine Market News…

“China is a definite growth market”  says the creator of [Yellow Tail], John Casella, MD of Casella Wine who is responsible for producing one in five of every Australian bottle exported abroad “The most powerful Australian wine brand” according to WineChina.com have just entered the CWSA Best Value 2013 for the first time. The Casella family, who began produced wines in the 1820s in Italy, are like other Australian wine producers that previously relied on US and European exports, and are now looking to China as the key sales destination. “Australian wine continues to build and cement it’s positive reputation in the emerging China market, with Australian bottled wine exports growing strongly, up 15 per cent to 35 million litres,” reported Wine Australia’s chief executive Andrew Cheesman.


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