Wine Hits Prime Time in China

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Wine is more glamorous and exciting then ever in China, and to satisfy this insatiable interest the first Chinese TV series based on the CWSA Chinese wine buyerstopic of wine is now being filmed, titled Scent of Beauty in Shenzhen (the buzzing city just over the border from Hong Kong). The cast are an attractive group of rising stars to meet the aspirational image of wine drinking. Prime time viewing of sipping wine in beautiful settings will further encourage and inspire people to purchase wine. Wine consumption is presently filtering down from the highest levels of wealth through to the growing middle classes with rising incomes who appreciate the finer things in life. Al Portney, wine importer spends about 70 percent of his year in China and the rest of the time in the US, is overwhelmed by China’s sales market.“30 percent of the population is considered middle class,” he says. “So you take that number, or even close to it and you’re already dealing with a population that’s greater than the entire population of the entire United States.” TV shows like Scent of beauty will keep a very close eye on the tastes of the emerging, young, middle class in China.

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