White wines in China – ‘Where Japan was 30 years ago’

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Red-obsessed China has recently been opening it’s doors to those of the white variety and now White Burgundy is determined to get a slice of the action. With China’s wealthy wine enthusiasts now embracing Burgundy after the long time strong hold of Bordeaux, other producers are smelling the fragrant opportunity. “China is just starting to catch on to our whites – it’s where Japan was 30 years ago. “As you’d expect, they discovered our reds first, which will lead them to the whites” said Catherine Javillier of Domaine Patrick Javillier in Meursault who is optimistic about the opportunity. According to Wine Intelligence China’s “adventurous connoisseur” segment of wine drinkers – which drinks for personal enjoyment rather than status-seeking or gift-giving purposes – is far more open to white wine. Plus, they’re willing to spend high prices on the best value and best quality wines.


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