USA took 30 years – China took only 5

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Winemakers all over the world are looking at China as the country’s already outstanding sales continue to grow substantially. According to Euromonitor, sales have shot up by 4.5% in just the past several months. Euromonitor Analyst Spiros Malandrakis attests this to the maturing Chinese palate and their willingness to experiment with new wines. He points out that just a few years ago wealthy Chinese consumers were buying top shelf French wines then mixing them with Coca Cola to serve at banquets, whereas the current wine drinker has learned to appreciate not only French wines but those from Spain, Portugal, Italy, and new world producers from Australia, South Africa, Argentina, and beyond. According to Thibault Pontallier, Co-Founder of the high end wine collector Pont des Arts, “China has done in five years what America did in 30 in terms of interest in wine. It’s normal for any market starting out to only want the best, but now they want to drink every day and try different things.” Enter CWSA 2015 now for your chance to bring your products to the evolving Chinese wine palate. 

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