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Top Tip: Giving Buyers Want they Want = Sales

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Wine makers are now increasingly looking at what Chinese buyers and end customers WANT in order to increase sales – rather than expecting them to have the exact same taste pallet as a Western experienced wine drinker. This is very sensible and reflects the increasing importance of Chinese demand and is what the CWSA has always been encouraging, to help Producers to sales success. When marketing wine in the top tier cities in China, the most positive ways to describe wines include ‘Delicate’‘Soft’‘Fruity’‘Smooth’ and ‘Oak’. Chinese buyers recognize and enjoy the taste of wines that reflect the mood of ‘Rose’, ‘Raisin’, ‘Vanilla’, ‘Strawberry’, ‘Honey’ and ‘Peach’. Presenting the right wines will be a shortcut to enjoying the fruits of this exciting market.


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