Spanish Wine Exports to China Boom

cwsa-newsChinese wine drinkers are buying more Spanish wine than ever before. The latest reports from Vinex show that Spanish wine exports to China are up by 20% since last year in terms of both volume and value. China is not only importing more Spanish wine – it’s growing faster than any other market in the world. This has been attributed to both a growing interest in Spanish wines throughout China and Hong Kong, and transport developments that are making it easier and more affordable for Spanish wine producers to bring their products to the region. The recently launched train route from Madrid to Yiwu, China, is the longest in the world, and according to the Director of Food and Gastronomy at ICEX, Ines Menendez de Luarca, “We believe it can be a very interesting opportunity in terms of logistics, exporting wine to Yiwu and from there to distribute it throughout the country.” Wine producers from Spain such as Bodega Sommos, Bodegas Barbadillo, and Can Bas are already experiencing big sales in China thanks to CWSA wins. 

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