South African Wine Doubles Market Share in China

cwsa-news-jpgWhile wine sales in China are booming for producers from around the world, South African wineries have experienced a particularly good year. According to Chinese customs statistics, South Africa doubled its Chinese market share, climbing from 2% to 4% in volume. As South Africa’s sixth largest wine export market, these numbers mean that China now imports roughly 8.99 million litres of South African wine annually, and that number is climbing. This is attributed largely to the Chinese thirst for experimentation, especially with non-traditional, New World producers, and as the international wine critic Neal Martin put it, “South Africa is the most dynamic and exciting New World country at the moment.” Winemakers from South Africa such as KWV, Oneiric, and Eagle Canyon are already enjoying the evolving Chinese palate by using their CWSA Medals to their sales advantage.

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