Portugal Using Macau to Big Advantage

cwsa-newsThere are now 90 wine importers in Macau” reported David Higgens, owner and president of Macau Soul wine bar to the SCMP newspaper, “this is up from only 5 when we started.” Portuguese producers are using the enormous market advantage of Macau’s colonial history as a route into mainland China. Meanwhile, wine is benefitting the overall economy of Portugal using the closer trading ties with China as demand for wine grows each quarter. “We want to increase these exchanges,” said Manuel Caldeira Cabral, Economy Minister of Portugal. “I think the Portuguese are very aware of the importance of China. So I think that all of us, not only our company has that vision. It is very present in our minds, China is indeed a very big opportunity we must not miss,” said Carla Santos, Santos Wines. Latest figures indicate that trade between China and Portugal jumped a further 20 percent in the first six months of the year. DFJ Vinhos SACasa Santos and Coop. Agricola San Isidro de Pegoes are all using CWSA Trophy status to their sales advantage.

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