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NZ winemakers Woo Chinese Women

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“We’re seeing exponential growth in China in the last few years.”The younger drinkers, particularly 25- to 35-year-old women, are a very important target group for us.” Announced Chris Yorke, NZ Winegrowers global marketing director. “We see China as a major opportunity for us,” Mr Yorke said. Young women with taste for Kiwi whites are particular target in Chinese vast market. Affluent young Chinese women may be the future of New Zealand’s wine industry. Commenting on the increased demand for white wines in China, Bob Campbell, said he believed it was possibly a mild rebellion by young Chinese that was turning them to white wines instead of reds, the traditional Chinese favourite, because they thought, “I’m not doing what my parents do. It’s a trendy sort of thing, like having an iPhone instead of an Android. The exponential growth in China in the past decade has helped New Zealand’s wine industry grow beyond $1 billion. Annual wine exports to the people’s republic are now worth more than $25 million. NZ’s wine exports to China have increased from 204,000 litres in 2007 to 2.5 million litres in 2013.


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