New Zealand Wine Higher Value in China


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cwsa-newsNew Zealand wine holds a higher value in China than it does in other importing countries. In 2015, a litre of New Zealand wine sold for an average of USD$14.57 in China, while in the UK it sold for just USD$5.92. New Zealand wine sales to China in 2015 totalled roughly $27 million, and that number is expected to climb. The consumption consultancy firm Mintel Group found that exports to China went up by nearly 5% over the course of last year, and it has forecasted continuing growth over the course of 2016. Some New Zealand producers have reported even greater expansion than indicated by Mintel, such as New Zealand Winegrowers, whose Marketing Manager Natalie Potts told the China Daily newspaper that it had seen Chinese sales shoot up by 10% in 2015. According to New Zealand Winegrowers Chief Executive Philip Gregan, “We are expecting it to grow quite strongly.” Many producers from New Zealand are already enjoying success in the region thanks to recent CWSA wins, such as Mission Estate, who brought home two Double Gold, two Gold, and one Bronze Medal. See recent images of wines wearing CWSA Medals in stores in China.


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