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CWSA Judges BUY 90 Million Bottles Per Year

Celine Wu ‘CWSA Medals are highly requested in our markets, especially in retail stores. It significantly helps sales by enforcing confidence of quality.’
– Celine Wu –
DWBS Wines
Matteo Mazzoni ‘People know that CWSA is a serious competition and a CWSA medal is the sign of quality.’
– Matteo Mazzoni –
VM Fine Wines Co., Ltd
Janice Chan Ning Yee ‘I’m glad to become one of the CWSA Judges. I feel that CWSA helps consumers to have a better guide to choose wines.’
– Janice Chan Ning Yee –
Wine Hut Company International Ltd.
Fiona Luo ‘CWSA is THE international award recognised in China. Winners are the highest quality and it is useful for consumers and buyers to see CWSA Medals. CWSA is world recognised, and it’s is always excellent to see CWSA Medals.’
– Fiona Luo –
Love Grape Winery
 Baron Hong ‘CWSA Medals are well recognized and all wineries are proud to show these on the wine bottles. It really helps consumers to find ideal wines..’
– Baron Hong –
Managing Director at
Shanghai Pran Wines Co.
 Julien Amoris ‘I am proud to be part of the Judge’s panel and to give opportunities to talented wineries to be discovered and develop their sales in China.’
– Julien Amoris –
Managing Director at
Bacchus Club Ltd.
 Ng Cheong Kit ‘CWSA Judges are very experienced, are serious importers and have big market influence.’
– Ng Cheong Kit –
CEO at Shenzhen Boutique Wines Limited
 Wang Feng ‘One of our company’s wines was given CWSA Gold, and it has inspired consumers, increasing its demand, repurchasing rate and influence. I highly respect CWSA.’
– Wang Feng –
Xin Zhuo Products Technology Co Ltd
 Zheng XianHui ‘CWSA unites Judges to be highly objective, and we are very proud.’
– Zheng Xian Hui –
General Manager at
Guangzhou Tannin Wine Co Ltd


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