Luxury Winners Known For Scoring ‘Best Value’

CWSA Jarvis WineryMore China Wine Market News…

What do Gran Juve y Camps, Taylors, Jarvis Winery have in common? 1. They all retail in China at the highest price points. 2. They are ALL winners at previous CWSA Best Value competitions. Smart brands understand they need to be regarded as giving exceptional value for money for discerning customers, especially when they are charging top tier prices. Ultra premium producer William Jarvis announced, ‘CWSA is a golden opportunity for wineries. We find it so much fun to relate to the Chinese culture and the Chinese market.’ Taylors Wines’ third generation MD, Mitchell Taylor says being recognised as the CWSA Australian Wine Producer of the Year 2013 was a significant milestone.‘China has been a focus for Taylors Wines for many years and we see it continuing to be an important part of our strategy as the country’s appreciation for high quality wine continues to grow’ he says.


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