Lesser Known Producers Reaching China Success

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China’s fast developing market is giving wines that do not already have dominance in more traditional markets a rare opportunity for success. One recent hot example is wines from Uruguay that have been making an excellent impression on Chinese buyers who are open to niche producers that stand out. Whilst just beginning to emerge onto the world stage, in China Uruguayan wines have been making quiet but considerable inroads and exported a record 4 million litres in the second half of 2012 gaining an unexpectantly high market share. “China is bigger than all the other niche markets of the world. It’s giant. I have done studies of gourmet shops in Shanghai and it’s amazing how much demand there is for premium products like ours” said Nicols Kovalenko of Agroland – a leading producer of wines destined for international markets.”We have a unique high quality product and are developing highly demanding trade channels. The boom in international wine sales in China is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ according to successful wine producer pioneers as purchase power rises each quarter and demand outstrips supply.


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