Italians Exporting More and More Wine to China


More China Wine Market News…

cwsa-newsThere is strong news for Italian winemakers. In a recent study by Coldiretti it was found that Italian wine exports to China increased by 22% to 400 million Euros over the course of 2015. That growth not only exceeded the gains seen the previous year, but it is expected to continue. According to analysts at Let It Wine, “Italian wine has carved itself a solid niche in a country where the wine market has not even reached its full potential.” Many Italian winemakers are already taking advantage of this thriving market and participate in CWSA, such as Il Borro by fashion and design family Salvatore Ferragamo, Rotari, and Mezzacorona. According to Ferragamo, “China is a wonderful market. I think the Chinese are realising that Italian wines are as great as French wine.” 


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