“Italian Wine Day” in China, Coming Soon

cwsa-newsAs the Chinese wine market has continued to expand, Italian winemakers are seeing more and more of their products go to the region. According to the latest reports from Coldiretti, Italian wine exports to China have boomed by 22 percent since 2015, reaching a value of over 400 million euros. China has a high demand for Italian products in general, but the emphasis is on wine which is Italy’s biggest export to the market. These numbers are expected to grow as Chinese consumers continue to embrace Italian wines. In fact, 9 September has been named “Italian Wine Day” in China, an event that the online seller mega Alibaba expects to bring an explosion of hundreds of millions of sales. Many Italian winemakers are already seizing this opportunity by participating and winning at CWSA events, such as past Double Gold and Gold Medal winners Astoria, Azienda Agricola Al Canevon, and Bock Boraszat.

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