Imported Wines Now Most Desirable

Imported Wines Now Most Desirable girl looking at computer screenWines from around the world, including France, Spain, Australia and New Zealand are increasingly taking over as the sophisticated drink of choice, replacing locally made Chinese wine and spirits. A staggering 110 million Chinese travelled overseas in 2016, spending US$229 billion and growing a deeper appreciation of foreign wines. Chinese enjoy visiting wineries and seeing where their favourite wines are from. Another reason for consumers choosing imported wines is the dominance of smartphone use.The author of the “Grape Wall of China” blog Jim Boyce, says ‘consumers now have more money and information (including CWSA Medals) than ever before.’ Boyce adds while he’s noticing a trend of red wine dominating the market, this is partly due to importers assuming that’s what consumers want. ‘…more and more consumers are buying simply for taste and many of them enjoy white as much as red wine.’ Italy’s wine producers are seeing an increase in Chinese consumers opting for stylish Italian varieties. Italian producers such as Cantine San Marzano, Carus Vini and Vigna Roda are enjoying success in the Chinese market after receiving an acclaimed Medals at CWSA. Will your label gain the same recognition in this year’s CWSA 2017?

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