French Confidence Continues

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“When I first arrived in 1997, Chinese consumers could only understand and accept red wine,” says Cecile Bassot, managing director of Sopexa. “But now they have learned about white and rose wines and recognize the differences between the wine regions. Chinese customers have a wish to discover new things. They have a gift of understanding foreign products, especially French wine.” China is now France’s sixth biggest wine importer by volume.”Chinese people have a high awareness of food quality and hygiene. The strongly Anti Genetically Modified (GMO)) stance of french producers is also attractive for Chinese consumers. While French wines account for 47 to 48 percent of China’s imported wine market, it faces increased competition from New World wines (Wines produced outside the traditional wine-growing areas). But Bassot is confident of the future. “French wine can satisfy the needs of different customers in China, both in the low-end and high-end market, at restaurants, as gifts, and at wedding ceremonies.”


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