France Leads Import to China – followed closely by Australia

cwsa-newsIn recent years, China has exploded to become the largest wine market in the world, and producers are reaping the benefits. As thirsty Chinese consumers have become more experimental with their tastes, they’ve branched out and are open to wines from an ever-widening number of countries. Drinks Business released it’s list of the top 10 importing countries to China. France tops the list, importing 127 million litres at a value of $623 million. In order, France is followed by Australia, Spain, Chile, Italy, USA, South Africa, Portugal, Argentina, and Germany. In total, the country imports nearly $2 billion annually, and that number is expected to skyrocket by 2018. According to Professor Kym Anderson, Executive Director of the Wine Economics Research Centre at the University of Adelaide, “We project that China’s net imports of wine could rise by between 330 and 790 million litres.” That’s big news for producers around the world. 

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