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CWSA Medal Winners Stand Out On Shelves


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This week Bordeaux’s Chateaux Cazeau was spotted proudly shining on the shelves of Park n’ Shop (Hong Kong’s leading retail chain) wearing their official CWSA Best Value 2013 Medal Stickers. Instantly recognisable as a revered CWSA winner, their bottles stood out from other retail options as a CWSA endorsed winner. The French powerhouse has been successfully using its CWSA Double Gold victory to enhance sales and prestige. ‘Chinese buyers know that by wearing CWSA Medals it shows a wine has been selected by the most important Judges in the market, so it is a very safe bet of being a great wine’ revealed Nikolas Prehn. And with the CCP, the China Consumer Panel confirming CWSA Medal Stickers give a ‘81% increased chance of being considered for purchase.


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