Chinese Wine Romance Grows

cwsa-newsIn 2015 alone, some 131.9 million cases of red wine were consumed in China making it the fifth largest wine market in the world. Experts suggest currently there are some 38 million drinkers in the country, however this is believed to be growing substantially. The major buyers fueling the industry are the younger middle-class generation who are well-educated and enjoy the taste of imported wines. For a Chinese consumer, imported wines are not just about the quality. They carry a sense of ‘pride and prejudice’, reassuring the drinker they have not only good taste but are drinking a superior drop – particularly when they wear CWSA Medals. Sun Jian, Deputy General Manager at Changyu Pioneer, says the growing demand for wine has prompted the company to increase their annual imports from 3 million bottles per year to 20 million over the next three to five years By 2020, it’s estimated approximately 60 percent of the world’s post-1990 generation with a disposable income of an estimated $200 billion will call Asia home.  As the appreciation for imported foreign wines continue to grow rapidly, it’s a great opportunity to cement your place in China’s thriving wine market.

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