Chinese Shoppers Secrets

cwsa-newsAt the recent Wine in China conference, key insights into Chinese consumerism was reveled, presenting new opportunity for brands wanting to amplify their presence in the country. Justin Cohen of Ehrenberg-Bass Institute said China’s wine consumer market is evolving rapidly, far beyond anywhere else. Research director of Wine Intelligence Chaun Zhou, added to the discussion noting “China is a brand market; Chinese love brands.” The behaviors of Chinese consumers were also discussed providing valuable insight for emerging wine labels looking to break into the millennial market. “When it comes to young people, there are two things to consider: packaging and lower alcohol content. Young people in China are moving away from the high alcohol drinking of their parents,” he remarked. Zhou also suggested Chinese wine buyers are likely to choose a label based on recommendation or a brand they’ve come to trust over the wine’s country or region. This further highlights the importance of receiving CWSA recognition, which is highly respected by the industry’s most influential leaders and consumers alike.

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