China Wine Sales Driven By Youthful Enthusiasm for French, Canadian, and Australian Products

cwsa-newsAccording to regional experts, the backbone of the growing Chinese wine market is currently young people who are drinking imported wines from countries such as France, Canada, and Australia. Chinese millennials are participating in special wine courses in droves in order to bolster their knowledge of foreign wines. A recent study from Wine Intelligence’s China Portraits Report revealed that 19% of import wines are now purchased by so-called “Developing Drinkers”, and that this number is growing. According to Wine Intelligence Senior Research Analyst Chuan Zhou, “They are more aware of what taste they like, more engaged in wine, and more tech savvy.” For this reason, it is expected that online sales events such as the Tmall Wine & Spirits Festival and Singles Day will become increasingly powerful in the Chinese market. This is why boutique and large scale wine producers from all over the globe participating at CWSA – because they realise that the Chinese wine market is changing the way winemakers do business, and making it possible to reach new customers.

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