China Wine AwardsAre you maximising the sales of your wines in the fastest growing economy in the world?

China is at the forefront of every smart winery and wine sellers minds.  This is where the most exciting wine action is taking place and China is now officially experiencing the highest wine consumption growth rate in the world.

Ambitious players in the wine industry are already reaping the benefits of the booming Chinese economy which is proving to be the most exciting market for generations.

The facts truly speak for themselves:

*China is now the biggest market for Bordeaux
*Imports of Italian wine doubled in value in 2010 (
Italian Central Statistics Institute)
*China imported 260 million liters of wine in 2010 with a year-to-year growth rate of 58% (China Custom data)
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The Chinese Wine Market is open and enthusiastic in its buying of a broad range of wines from every price point and every country and region. China based wine buyers and consumers keen appetite to buy and enjoy a variety of labels have made China the essential and number one target for global wine sellers.

The Chinese demand for imported spirits is booming and the industry consensus is that China will be the largest spirits market in the world.

Traditionally, China has been a brandy market, but in recent years whisk(e)ys made huge inroads. As the market is maturing, new products including rum, tequila, bitters, vodka and the whole range of white and brown spirits are now seeing huge growth numbers.

Some facts:

  • China is now the largest Cognac market in the world by value, 70% larger than the USA
  • China is the 3rd largest market for the Pernod Ricard group
  • Diageo’s spirits sales in China rose 20% in 2011

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