China Soon to Be Chile’s #1 Wine Buyer

cwsa-newsThanks to its free-trade agreement with China, the country is now poised to become Chile’s #1 importer of wine. The agreement – which was signed in 2005 – has steadily reduced the cost of import tariffs, until they reached zero in January of 2015. As a result Chilean wine exports to China have risen by 34% in volume and 32% in value over the past year. According to Julio Alonso, Director at Asia for Wines of Chile, “Give me four months and China will be first.” He also attributes growing success in China to the fact that Chilean winemakers have intensified their efforts to market in the country since wine sales have dropped off in both the US and UK, explaining, “The problem is that the UK is going down and USA is not an easy market for us at the moment.” Many Chilean wine producers are already making their mark in China thanks to wins at CWSA, such as Andes Beverages, Bodegas y Vinedos de Aguirre, and Bodega Family Hernandez, which all won multiple Medals at CWSA 2015.

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