Big Brand Wine Producers Seize Growing Opportunities in China

cwsa-newsLarge scale wine producers from around the globe are gaining popularity in China rapidly as the national interest shifts from top shelf wines to everyday wines that are enjoyed by the regular wine drinker. Said Chief Operations Officer of Wine Intelligence Richard Halstead, “The market for a proper, sensibly-price, brand-led offer is probably more open now in China than it has ever been.” He made this statement after a recent report indicated that Chinese consumers are increasingly purchasing affordable New World wines for regular consumption rather than luxury wines for gift giving. In China, wine consumers between the ages of 18 and 29 represent 4 of 10 buyers of imported wines, and people from this demographic are twice as likely to purchase wine from a discount supermarket than their older counterparts. Halstead explained, “The wine consumers of the future are as likely to look for excellent quality at keen prices from the New World as they are prestige wines from major European regions.” Big brand producers from Australia, New Zealand, and Chile are especially poised to benefit from shifting Chinese tastes, as these countries have free-trade agreements with China.

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