Big Boom in Chinese Wine Imports

cwsa-newsThe numbers are in, and they show that China saw a substantial boom in wine imports over the course of 2015 – a growth of 37% in both volume and value, to be exact. Totaling 395m litres by the end of the year, this is the largest increase since regional wine sales exploded in 2011. France sold the most wine in China, responsible for 42% of all wine imported. Other nations that fared well in the market include Australia, Spain, Italy, the U.S., South Africa, Portugal, Argentina, and Chile. “Our biggest export focus is now on Asia, with particular emphasis on China,” said Eduardo Chadwick of the Chilean producer Viña Errazuriz. “10 years ago, Asia represented 5-6% of our sales by value. Now it is 25% and in the next ten years it will be 50%.”

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