Australian Wines Huffington Post interview

cwsa-newsFor several years, Australian wine producers have enjoyed great success in China and Hong Kong, and that effect on quality wine sales continues to further grow. The Huffington Post just released an interview with Mitchell Taylor of Taylors Wines which brought home the CWSA Best Value 2016 Trophy for Best Australian Wine. Elated with the recent wins, Taylors continues to grow with its distributor ASC Fine Wines in China. “We’re extremely proud to be recognised for Australian Wine of the Year at this year’s CWSA Best Value. China represents a great opportunity for the wine industry,” Taylor said. “The Chinese market has become very sophisticated and very conscious of how to correctly serve wine. They also like family brands, consistency and a trusted reputation.” Wine Australia reports that last year alone, Australian wine exports to China shot up by 66%, or a value of $370 million. Australia had their best CWSA yet at CWSA Best Value 2016 and will surely continue to boost business in the months ahead.

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