Argentinian Winemakers Target China

cwsa-newsAs wines from Argentina find ever-increasing prestige around the globe, more and more Argentinian winemakers are looking to China to score big sales. In a recent report it was revealed that Argentina’s wine exports to China skyrocketed from $9.09 million in 2010 to $19.98 million in 2015. That’s a thrilling 120% increase.The potential for Argentina’s wines in China is great considering that China has 20 million frequent wine consumers. Their number is expanding fast. If each consumer spends 100 yuan on Argentina’s wines each year, the market size will be 100 times its current number,” said Mao Yufen, a Xi’an-based wine trader with Qin An Wine Trade Co Ltd. Many Argentinian winemakers are already taking advantage of these exciting developments by participating and winning at CWSA, such as Trapiche, J. Lemon, Finca los Moras, and Finca Lulunta and using it to their bsuiness advantage.

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