Argentina Sets Its Sights on Chinese Wine Enthusiasts

cwsa_newsIn recent years, New World wines have found an increasingly thirsty audience in China, and vineyards and wine organizations in Argentina have taken notice of this and are targeting Chinese wine drinkers. According to Jevgenils Suscinskis, Regional Director for the renowned winery Bodega Achavel-Ferrer, he has ample confidence that Chinese consumers will welcome Argentinian wines of all price points. Said Mao Yufen, a Xi’an-based wine trader with Qin An Wine Trade Co Ltd., “The potential for Argentina’s wines in China is great considering that China has 20 million frequent wine consumers. Their number is expanding fast. If each consumer spends 100 yuan on Argentina’s wines each year, the market size will be 100 times its current number. Argentinian sales to China are already growing fast, with exports up to $19.98 million from $9.09 million in the past five years.  Many Argentinian winemakers have competed and won big at past CWSA, such as CWSA Trophy winners Bodegas y Vinedos Pascual Toso,Trapiche, and Bodega Santa Julia.

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