Agreement Frees Australian Winemakers to Score Big In China

cwsa-newsFollowing a decade of negotiations, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Chinese Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng have this week signed an historic free trade agreement that will make it easier and more affordable than ever for winemakers in Australia to export their products to China. According to Wines of Western Australia Chief Executive Larry Jorgenson, the situation before the new arrangement made exporting quite expensive. He applauded the agreement, saying, “We expect the current import tariff of 14 per cent for bottled wine and 20 per cent for wine to be phased down to zero over four years. A bottle of wine becomes just that little bit less expensive in the Chinese market and that little bit more attractive to Chinese buyers – so you’ll get an increase in sales there and increased effort on the part of WA producers to develop markets.” He went on to say that boutique wine producers are poised to benefit the most.

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