100m Customers Forecasted for Tmall Online Wine & Spirits Festival

cwsa-newsThe largest and most renowned e-commerce company in China, Alibaba, has announced that it will hold a special wine sale on 9 September, and that it predicts at least 100m customers will participate. Called the Tmall Wine & Spirits Festival, this event will bring imported wines to tens of millions more Chinese consumers than ever before.  According to sale partner ASC Fine Wines’ CEO Bruno Baudry, “Wine representatives and wine Distributors talk to the 35m people (in China) who drink imported wine today.” He went on to explain that this sale will “reach out to the millions” who were not targeted before. And this will just be the beginning, as Alibaba expects “triple-digit growth” in its wine sales over the next three years. Chief Marketing Officer of Alibaba Chris Tung says that he expects Chinese wine and spirits sales to hit 60bn in the next two years. The success of the Tmall Wine & Spirits Festival is expected to mirror that of last year’s Singles Day, an important online sales holiday that saw sales of $14.3 billion in just 12 hours. CWSA winners are poised to enjoy historic sales on holidays such as these.

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